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Introduction to israeli colinary
Come and join one of our 8 free market tours a day in tel aviv's famous carmel market. ***** From 1030 till 1400 every round half an hour. ***** These tours are based on tips which are obligatory. ***** A local chef will show you our specialities,israeli street food and spices that makes our food so diverce, and will explain what is israeli food. You will be able to buy what you want and end on the beach making your brunch***** This tour is a foodie heaven. ***** Tags: Foodie in tel aviv, foodie in israel,foodie tour, Food tour. Autenthic food tour. Carmel market food tour , levinski market, culinary tours, street food tour***** $$$$$Paid tours$$$$$pre regustration needed Hatikva market( 1430-1600 ). 150 shekel including tasting. meeting point: carmel market - magen david squere 14:00. Transport by public bus 15min ride ***** Levinski spices market 17:00-18:30 150 shekel including tasting. Meeting point:carmel market magen david squere 16:30 transport by bus 5 min ride

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